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What is laser therapy?

At our laser therapy clinic in Chester we provide innovative, pain-relieving laser therapy sessions. We use the world's only 4-wavelength therapeutic laser to treat a variety of conditions. It can help to relieve acute pain in the joints, inflammation, or even serious injuries. Laser can also encourage natural healing processes within the body.


While results can vary, just as they can with every medical treatment, many of our patients have enjoyed safe, liberating, life-changing results at our laser therapy clinic in Chester.


The powerful Class IV K-Laser delivers the power and penetration that is required for short treatment times and the more effective management of painful conditions.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) delivers a focused, low-level laser beam directly to the area in which pain is occurring. It is drug-free, pain-free and easy to use. Most individuals experience no side effects from treatment and many find an immediate reduction in the initial issue that brought them into the clinic. The delivery of a low-level laser beam has been shown to encourage new cell growth, reduce inflammation and boost circulation.


We go several steps further than this and deliver powerful Class IV multiple wavelength beams, developed scientifically to provide an outcome that is likely to be far superior to traditional LLLT.

How does laser therapy work?

Many different modes available

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Our clinic in Chester delivers several different laser modes for maximum efficiency. At its most basic, continuous and modulating frequencies encourage pain reduction and inflammation reduction. Dual wavelength beams are used for deep penetration into your tissue, and super pulse modes can help with going even deeper. We use high power laser modes to shorten your treatment times and create a beneficial healing environment.